How to save my Hoya Plant

Judy,I have a Hoya that had a mealy bug infestation, I tried the green solution first but it was in bad shape so I tried Neem oil and followed the directions on how to use it. They after effects of the mealy bugs has damaged the leaves, will it be okay to cut of the dameged leves, will they grow back? I have never had bugs on my plants before so anything you can tell me would be a help. I like the Hoya if I could get it back to healthy. Thanks, Susan

Hi Susan,

Pink Hoya Plant
Hoya Plant

You can certainly remove the damaged leaves, but the plant would grow back better if you cut the entire stem that had the damaged leaves on it. That way, the plant would become bushy and full. When you treat Mealy Bugs, whether using the Green Solution, Neem Oil, or a commercial insecticide, you need to repeat the treatment every 10 days for a month in order to catch any new bugs that might hatch. Be sure to keep checking your other plants to make sure the mealy bugs have not spread to them.