How to Prune an Indoor Ficus Tree

How do I prune my indoor Ficus Tree to make it look better? Thanks in advance!!


I’m a big advocate of pruning a ficus tree frequently. Pruning all houseplants encourages new growth, controls the size and shape of the plant, and allows more light to reach the leaves. Start pruning a ficus at the center of the tree. Ficus trees need a great deal of light, so often the small branches at the center are very weak or have totally died and need to be removed. The outer part of the tree is called the canopy. You can remove up to 1/3 of the canopy without harming a ficus. By reducing the size of the canopy you’ll be helping the plant produce new healthy growth and become bushier. Always wear gloves when pruning a ficus tree.  The sap from can be quite irritating if it gets on your skin. Never rip the branches off of a ficus tree, use a sharp tool and make clean small cuts.

Braided stem, bright green Ficus benjamina
Ficus Benjamina Monique