How to Prune a Yucca Plant

Hi Judy, I have a yucca in my bedroom for the past 6 years,
Its becoming quiet tall and now is almost touching the ceiling at 2.3 meters. Should I leave it alone or cut it down. Photo attached. Also its always browning at its leaf tips.

Hi Gerry,


This is going to be a really hard decision on your part! The only way to make the plant shorter and not touching the ceiling is to cut the head of the plant off entirely with about 10″ of stem connected to it. Two or three new heads will develop right below the cut area. Let the “head” section sit out for 24-48 hours so the cut edge dries out & forms a callus. Start new Yucca Plants with the section of trunk that was removed. Use a Cactus soil for best results. I know, cutting such a beautiful plant will be hard. The brown tips may be due to too much plant food or too many chemicals in your water.