How to Prune a Tall Schefflera HousePlant

Hi Judy,
First of, what great website you have. My question is how far down do I cut my what I’m assuming is a Schefflera? It was a rescue about a foot and a half tall when I got it. Now it has gone beyond my 8ft ceiling. Also can I take what’s been cut back into lengths and put directly into same pot. Please see attached photos. Don’t want to kill it, but I have to do something preferably the right thing

Hi Deborah,

What a beautiful schefflera! If you want a shorter plant, you can prune anywhere along the main stem/trunk. New growth will develop directly below where you make the cut and sometimes even along the entire remaining trunk. Make the cut right above a leaf node on the stem. A leaf node is where a leaf has sprouted. The large piece you cut off can be used to propagate new plants. Cut sections on the trunk you removed into 8″-1o” sections. There should be around three to five leaf clusters on a section you want to root.  Place the cutting into 6″ pot of moist soil and place in bright indirect light. Keep the soil barely moist at all times. In about 3-4 weeks tug gently on the cutting; if there is some resistance, it means the roots have started to grow.