How to Propagate Peperomia incana Plant

Hello! After having this plant 14 years I have finally identified it! Lately I’ve looked at it and wondered if it can be more full, more stems, more leaves! And alas!, the photos I’m finding are of much prettier plants! Mine has become long and spindly and boring! Can you please tell me the best way to cut it down and root the cuttings?
(FYI-The yellow round thing in the pot is a plastic mushroom (smurf house) my 4yo put in the plant. And the green thing is a glass watering bulb that’s been empty for months)

Hi Malenia,


Peperomia HousePlants are easily propagated from leaf cuttings, stem tip cuttings, and plant division, though plant division with your plant is not a good idea. You can read about all of these techniques in detail in the Glossary of the HousePlant411 website. Be sure to allow the cut ends of the leaves or stems being used for propagation to dry out for several hours or overnight before planting them, this is very important. Dip the cut ends in a small amount of rooting hormone, shake off any excess. Use a well-aerated loose potting soil that drains well. Place the cuttings in a small pot that has drainage and place in bright indirect light.  The peperomia cuttings should root easily and the original plant should fill out after this pruning.