How to Mount an Orchid Plant on a Board

Could you please tell me the best way to mount an orchid on a board or tree branch?

Hi Charlie,

Here are my recommendations on how to mount an orchid vertically on a board.

When the orchid finishes blooming, cut the flower stem off at the base. Remove the plant from its pot and shake off any bark or dirt from the roots.

Next decide what you want to mount the orchid on. I tend to use corkboard but you can use any board that you want. Be sure to select one large enough so that it will be able to accommodate the orchid as it continues to grow.

Place some sphagnum moss on the center of the board and add a handful of orchid potting mix. Place the orchid on top of the moss and soil. Cover with a second round of soil and another layer of moss. Using a small amount of moss both under and over the roots increases the moisture and reduces the risk of transplant shock. As the orchid gradually attaches itself to the board, the moss may fall off.

Now you have to decide how to hold the plant, soil, and moss on the board. You can use any of the following things as supports to attach the plant: fishing line, hot glue, string, plant wire, or cut up panty hose (I like fishing line). Hopefully, in a year, the orchid will have attached itself to the board and the supports can be removed.

 Secure the orchid, moss, and soil to the board with whatever you decided to use as supports. Wrap the supports tightly, back and forth across the moss and orchid several times. Be sure the plant is securely held against the board.

Mounted orchids need to be watered more frequently than potted orchids and may require daily trips to the kitchen sink. The amount of water a mounted orchid needs depends upon the amount of light, heat, humidity, and air circulation in the room.

Good Luck! I love mounted orchids like the pictures below.

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