How to make an outdoor planter that can live indoors during winter

Can you tell me what plants to use and how to make a big plant arrangement that I can keep outside in the summer and bring inside in the winter that won’t die. Everyone I’ve tried does well all summer, but when I bring it inside it quickly dies. What am I doing wrong.?

Hi Leni,

Here are a few tips on how to put together a beautiful planter that does well outside on your porch during the warm months and will still thrive inside once the weather gets chilly.

  1. Be sure the container you are using has good drainage. You don’t want excess water sitting in the bottom of the planter causing the roots to rot. If there are no drip holes in the bottom of your decorative pot, put a layer of charcoal on the bottom to absorb excess water and prevent unpleasant odors caused by standing water. You can use regular grilling charcoal as long as it is free of chemical additives.
  2. Use plants that don’t require direct sun since this option won’t be available once you move the planter indoors for the winter.
  3. Use plants that have the same watering and light requirements.
  4. When you move your planter inside for the winter or outside for the summer, do it gradually so it can used to the difference in light intensities. Start with an hour or two and keep increasing the time each day.
  5. Be careful how much you water the plants when you bring the planter indoors. Outdoors, the plants get better light, better air circulation, and grow faster; this means they need more water. Inside, growth is slower and the need for water is less.