How to Make an Orchid Terrarium

Can orchids be used in a terrarium? I’ve made tterrariums with succulent plants and I love them, want to try it with orchids if possible.

Hi Tom,

Making orchid terrariums in glass jars is very simple and quick to do. This is also a great way to care for an orchid; it provides high humidity and makes it easy to move your orchid around as the light changes with the seasons.

Orchids growing in glass terrarium
Orchid terrarium

Here are some steps on how to do it.

 Use a clear glass container large enough to give your orchid room to grow.

Place a layer of small decorative rocks or pebbles in the bottom of the glass jar for drainage. Rinse them first to remove any sand or dirt.

Put in a thick layer of Sphagnum Moss that you have fluffed by pulling it apart and hollow out a lower area in the center.

Place your orchid in the center area with its green roots nestled in the moss and its air roots on top of the moss. It is very important that air roots not be buried.

Water the moss well but try not to get water on the orchid leaves.

Place in bright indirect light but no direct sun (leaves burn in direct sun).

Roots, stems, and leaves hold water so be careful not to over- water. Under watered orchids can be saved, over- watered quickly die.

Use orchid food diluted to ¼ the recommended strength every 2 weeks.

Simple & Easy!!