How to Make an Ivy Wreath

Is there a way I can make my ivy houseplant into a wreath for Christmas? I saw one at the store, loved it, but it was so expensive. Thought maybe I could do it myself.


Green ivy wreath
Ivy Wreath

I know it looks easy to make an ivy wreath, but it does take some time and work.

Start with a pot of good soil that is large enough to hold the wire wreath form you want to use and the ivy plant. Be sure there are drip holes in the bottom of the container.

Insert the wire wreath form deep enough in the pot so that it is very stable. Place it a bit to the back of the pot.

Plant the ivy in front of the wreath form so that the trailing stems can be wrapped around it.

Separate the ivy stems and wrap each one individually around the frame. Use thin green floral wire to tie the stems to the frame. Cover as much of the frame as you can.

Water the ivy as you would normally, training the vines to wrap around the wreath form as they grow.

At this late date, you may want to just buy an ivy wreath and start working on making your own ivy wreath next year.