How to Make a Dish Garden

I love to make dishgardens out of different things around the house, but the plants always seem to die. All my free standing plants do great. Could you tell what I might be doing wrong?

Hi Lucille,

Here are some simple rules to follow that should help you have beautiful dish gardens. The first thing to remember when planting a dish garden is to use plants that have the same watering and light requirements. Your don’t want to put a succulent jade plant in the same container with a fern. Watering the fern correctly will destroy the roots of the jade plant. If the decorative container you are using does not have drip holes in the bottom so excess water can escape, put a layer of small rocks or pea gravel on the bottom. This will help drain water away from the roots and prevent root rot. Un-pot your plants and position them as you like, remembering that you want a balanced look of tall and short plants. Using plants with different leaf sizes, textures, and colors helps create a lovely looking dish garden. Be sure to include a little card with the names of the plants and tips on how to care for them.