Is This a Lily Plant?

Hi, can you help me figure out what plant this is? I’ll attach a picture of it blooming & what it currently looks like. I’ve never seen it do this after blooming.

The plant looks like a type of Asiatic Lily. Although you can grow Asiatic lilies indoors, they do better when planted outside. Lily bulbs, like all other plant bulbs, need to rest is a cool area for several months if you want them to bloom again. So after the plant flowers and the leaves die back, you need to dig up the bulbs, shake off the dirt, and put them in a cool area or in an unheated garage for 6-8wks. You can also plant the bulbs outside, in the ground, where they will cool in the winter, and bloom again the following spring.

Orange flowers on Asiatic Lily Plant
Asiatic Lily

Here are some care tips to grow an Asiatic Lily indoors.

Bright indirect light.

Water when the first inch or two of soil is dry. Be careful not to over water or to allow the the plant to sit in water. Many plants come in a decorative wrap. Remove this wrap when watering so excess water can drain freely from the Lily plant and allow the plant to air out before replacing the wrap. When buying an Asiatic Lily, avoid plants that have soggy soil, since that may indicate root rot.

It’s not necessary to fertilize while a lily plant is in bloom. However, once all of the blooms are gone, and you’ve placed the plant in a sunny spot indoors or planted it outdoors, fertilize about every six weeks with a slow release plant food.