How to Grow Black Bat Flower Plant

I purchased a Bat Plant and put it next to my peace lily plant. The tips and edges on a few leaves are drying out and turning brown. What am I doing wrong? Too much/not enough water/humidity? Thank you

Hi Annie,

I assume this is the plant you are referring to. This plant is considered a rarity in the plant world.

Dark, delicate black bat flower plant
Black Bat Flower Plant


Use a large container with  light, porous, and well draining soil. orchid soil works well for these pants. Place your Bat Plant near a south-facing window with lots of indirect sunlight. This plant needs high humidity or the leaves turn brown. If your home does not have 50-70% humidity, place a humidifier near the plant or place the plant on a wet pebble tray. Watering is very important, this is a thirsty plant. The soil should never dry out but should never be soggy. It may need water several times  week depending where you have it.  It needs more water in the summer than winter. From May to November fertilize every couple of weeks. Repot every year in early spring.