How to Care for a Fishbone Cactus ( Ric Rac Cactus)

What is this beautiful houseplant? I want to buy one if it’s not too hard to care for. Thanks for your time.

Hi Thomas,

Your plant has several names: Fishbone cactus, Ric Rac cactus, Fishbone Orchid cactus, Zig-Zag cactus, and St. Anthony’s Ric-Rac. The scientific name is Selenicereus anthonyanus. It has beautiful flowers that bloom at night and very unusual looking leaves.

Red and Pink Fishbone Cactus-Selenicereus anthonyanus
Flowering Fishbone Cactus
Rik Rac Cactus, ZigZag Cactus
Selenicereus anthonyanus

Light: Fishbone cactus (Ric Rac cactus) like bright indirect light and can even tolerate some bright sun. Move it outside during warm weather months.

Water: Like most cactus, Fishbone cactus do best when allowed to dry out between waterings. During the winter when the plant is resting, decrease your water even more. Return to regular watering schedule in the spring when the plant starts to grow again.
Fertilize: These plants need very little plant food. Feed with a water-soluble cactus or orchid fertilizer in April.
Propagation: Really easy to propagate! Take a piece of stem cutting and let it lay out for a few days until a callus develops on the cut end. Insert the callused end into a small pot of a loose peat moss mixture. Water sparingly and place in medium light. You’ll have a new plant before you know it. That’s all there is to it.