How to Grow an Indoor Palm from Seeds

Could you tell me how to grow a palm plant from the seeds that are sprouting on it?



Hi Jan,

Here are some steps to help grow a palm from seeds. It is a slow process so be patient.

  1. Rinse the seeds well
  2. I usually soak the seeds for 3 or 4 days, changing the water every day.
  3. Remove seeds from water and if there is still a hard coating on them make tiny slits in the covering.
  4. Immediately plant the seeds about in a 4″ pot, with drip holes in the bottom, of loose soil that will drain quickly. You may have to add some perlite to your soil.
  5. Place in a very warm area that gets bright, indirect light.
  6. Keep the soil barely moist at all times. I like to put the plant in a clear plastic bag to increase the humidity.

Germination and plant development will take quite a while.