How to get Rid of Gnats on Plants

How do I get rid of tiny gnats in the soil of all my house plants. They came in with some bad soil and spread. I tried a bug spray for houseplants but all it did was damage some leaves. They are inside my terrariums and rooting jars too!@

Hi Lisa,

The first thing I would do is spray all of your infected plants with a product called Hot Pepper Wax and repeat the spraying every 10 days. The chief active ingredient, CAPSAICIN, is an extract from cayenne pepper. It’s harmless to humans – in fact, it’s as edible as the sauce on barbecued Buffalo wings. I find this product does an excellent job on mature gnats and aphids. I would also recommend putting pieces of yellow sticky insect cards in every plant you have. As they get covered with the Gnats replace with clean new pieces. Allow the soil to get very dry before you water, moist soil encourages the gnats.

Hot Pepper Wax Spray bottle
Hot Pepper Wax