How to Get a Lipstick Plant to Bloom

Hi Judy,
I live in Florida and purchased a plant called Lipstick Plant. It is supposed to get red flowers that resemble lipstick. I’ve had the plant for about 6 months and so far no flowers. It’s in a hanging basket and the stems and leaves are dark green and beautiful. Are you familiar with this plant as far as flowering?

Hi Peg,

I am familiar with lipstick plants and like them very much! This is what they look like in bloom.

Red lipstick plant

Lipstick Plant

Indoor Lipstick Plants, when placed in a bright location, produce beautiful, small, reddish orange flowers throughout the year. Stressing Lipstick Plants by allowing the soil to dry out before you water often encourages Lipstick Plants to bloom. Another way to help a lipstick plant bloom is to feed them every other week in the spring and summer, and monthly in the fall and winter with a houseplant food high in phosphorous. Always dilute the fertilizer to 1/2 the recommended strength. So to sum it up: very bright light, allow soil to dry out before watering, feed with plant food high in phosphorous.


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