How to Get A Hoya Plant to Flower.

I have four different types of hoya plants and none of them have ever gotten any flowers. What am I doing wrong???

Hi Amelia,

Hoya Calycina
Twisted leaves, pink flowers on Hoya Hindu Rope Plant
Hoya Hindu Rope Plant
Yellow flowered hoya plant
Hoya lacunosa

The first thing to know is that only mature Hoya Plants, three years or older, usually flower. The beautiful clusters of fragrant flowers, each with 5 waxy petals, come in numerous colors. The new blooms will develop on the older stems, so never cut off the old flower stems. The ideal location to encourage the plant to flower indoors is right in front of an east or west facing window where it can get a few hours of direct sunlight. Provide bright, indirect light the rest of the day. Allow the soil to almost totally dry out before watering. If your water contains fluorine or chlorine, allow the water to sit out 24 hours or more so the chemicals in it can dissipate. Fluorine and chlorine are very harmful to a hoya plant. In winter, when the plant is resting, allow the soil to totally dry out before watering; this helps it bloom more the rest of the year.