How to Get a Gardenia Plant to Bloom

I got a Gardenia Plant as a present and it was full of flowers. They all slowly died and now I can’t get the plant to bloom again. What should I do? Thanks!

Hi Lucy,

White Gardenia Plant
Gardenia Plant

The key to successfully growing a Gardenia Plant inside is to try to mimic that outdoor environment as closely as possible. Although it is quite a challenge and an accomplishment to grow a Gardenia Plant indoors, it is a flowering plant like none other. The jasmine fragrance of a Gardenia Plant’s flowers has inspired hundreds of perfumes. Gardenia Plants will not bloom unless all of their light, water, fertilizer, and soil requirements are met. On top of that, in order for Gardenia buds to set, the nighttime temperatures should be around 55 degrees. Here are some care tips that might help.