How to get a Clivia and Hindu Rope Plant to Flower

I can’t get my cliivila or Hindu rope plants to bloom. Please help?

Hi Cathie,

I am so sorry to be so long in getting back to you, but I’m a senior citizen trying to answer hundreds of questions and my health hasn’t been that great.

Keep a Clivia Plant root-bound in a small pot to help it bloom more often. It is also important to give a Clivia Plant a rest. A Clivia is a bulb plant that needs to rest for several months during the winter. Move your Clivia Plant to a cool (55 degrees), dark spot in November and water only when the soil dries out. In March move your Clivia back to a warmer (65 degrees), brighter location.

Orange clivia plant
Flowering Clivia Plant

Hindu Rope plants are slow growing Succulent Plants that take several years to produce clusters of star-shaped waxy flowers on long vines. These plants bloom in late spring & early summer when given proper light, water, and fertilizer. Do not remove the leafless spurs or stubs (peduncles) that appear on Hindu Rope Plants.; flowers grow on these. After flowering, do not remove the dead flowers or the peduncles. This is where new flowers emerge.

Pink waxy Hindu Rope Plant
Hindu Rope Plant

You can read all of my care tips for thee plants in the Popular Houseplant section of the website.