How to Get A Christmas Cactus to Bloom

I got a Christmas Cactus last year and it has done well all year but never flowered again. What do I need to do to get it to bloom again? Thanks, Bill



Hi Bill,

Pink Christmas Cactus Plant

There are several things that play a key role in helping a Christmas Cactus to bloom at the right time. A Christmas Cactus is a thermo-photoperiodic plant, so starting about 4-6 weeks before Christmas it needs 12 hours a day of light and 12 hours a day of darkness. During this time, the ideal night- time temperature should be 50-60 degrees. Reduce your watering slightly and do not soak the soil, only moisten the top few inches.  Although a Christmas Cactus needs fertilizer when actively developing leaves, once the buds appear, do not feed the plant. Hear are some basic care tips for a Christmas Cactus.