How to Care for a Trichopilia Orchid

My Mother bought a Trichopilia Orchid. It is gorgeous and has a wonderful scent. Problem is she has not idea how to care for it. Help!!

Hi Annette,

The trichopilia orchid produces gorgeous wide flowers that have a scent that some describe as a mixture of honeysuckle and a lovely perfume. They like high humidity and more shade than most orchids. Plant a trichopilia orchid in medium fir bark and place the pot in an area that has good air movement around the plant. Water well when the orchid is growing and reduce the water during the winter. They produce more flowers when nighttime temperatures are about 15-18 degrees cooler than daytime temperatures. Trichopilia orchids can grow in temperatures as warm as 85 degrees during the day and as cool as 50 degrees at night.

Never feed an Orchid while it is in bloom. Feeding indoor Orchid Plants at this time discourages flower production and can distort the flowers. Fertilize when the plant is actively producing new leaves. Use a well balanced plant food containing a 20-20-20 mixture of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Here’s a pictures of a trichopilia orchid in bloom.

Lavendar and white tricopilia Orchid
Tricopilia Suavis Orchid

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