Do you Know What this Plant is? Heart Leafed Philodendron “Variegata”

Hey Judy,
Do you know what this is? I bought it at a grocery store with no label. I’ve been treating it like a Pothos and its been doing fairly well but I’d like to know what it is!

Hi Rose,

Green and yellow variegated leaves on Heart leaf philodendron
Heart Leaf Philodendron “Variegata”

Your plant is a variegated Philodendron Cordatum, also called a Heart Leaf Philodendron “Variegata”, a Sweetheart Philodendron “Variegata”, and a Philodendron scandens ‘Variegata’

Its care is the same as that for the regular Heart Leaf Philodendron listed in the Popular Houseplant section of the website. The only difference is that this plant needs more bright indirect light in order to retain the yellow variations in the leaves. You can read all my care tips  at:

All philodendron plants are considered poisonous and should be kept away from pets and children. Read more about common houseplants that are poisonous in Don’t Feed Me To Your Cat! A Guide to Poisonous Houseplants.