How To Care for a Euphorbia

My mom gave me this plant she calls a Euphorbia droopy-something. She doesn’t know the real name. Do you know of a euphorbia with a name like that? Can you tell me how to grow care for it? Thanks for your help. Stacey

Hi Stacey,

There is a plant called a Euphorbia drupifera. Here’s a picture. Does it look like your plant?

Euphorbias are easy to grow. They love very bright light, a soil that drains quickly and is allowed to dry out before you water. The only way to kill it is by over watering. Whieflies and powdery mildew are things to watch out for. Dry leaves and good air circulation prevents the mildew. Always wear gloves when pruning a euphorbia. The milky plant sap is a terrible irritant. The sap is poisonous so please keep the plant away from pets and children.