How to Care for a Calla Lily After it Flowers

Could you tell me how to care for my calla lily now that all of the flowers have died?

Hi Pamela,

Your plant is called a Calla Lily. This is a bulb plant that blooms for a short period of time indoors and then dies back. After the flowers have turned brown and died, cut the plant down to the soil line. The bulbs should be removed from the pot and stored in a cool dark location for their yearly dormant period. After about a 2 month rest, plant the Calla Lily bulbs in a clean pot with fresh rich soil. Use deep pots for Calla Lily bulbs, planting one bulb in a five-or six-inch pot, or two or three bulbs in an eight-inch pot. Plant the Calla Lily bulbs deep enough so that the soil covering them is at least twice the height of the bulb. Calla Lilies usually bloom again about 60 days after the bulbs are planted.

Calla Lily is a bulb plant that can flower indoors or outdoors
Flowering Calla Lily

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