How to Care for a Bamboo Palm

I’ve had this plant forever – it used to be an office plant. I haven’t taken the best of care of this plant, and now out looks anemic. Could you advise me on how to care for the palm – based on thi pictures. What should I trim back our or remove (one branch is broken and not sure it can be saved). I put it outdoors during the summer in partial light. Should I re-pot tit ? How much watering does it it take?
Thanks so much for your help!



First, I would not recommend re-potting at this time. You should never re-pot a plant under stress. As to pruning: fertilize your bamboo palm one week before pruning. This will encourage immediate growth at the area where you pruned. Cut off the broken stem at the soil level and any other stems that look bare. Here are some care tips on how to grow a Bamboo Palm.