How do I Propagate my Poinsettia Plant?

How do I propagate my Poinsettia plant now that its finished blooming?


How to identify and propagate a poinsettia plant.
Poinsettia Plant Flowers

Here’s how to propagate your Poinsettia Plant. Always wear gloves when working with a Poinsettia Plant because the sap can be very irritating if it gets on your skin.

1. Fill a 4″ pot, with drip holes in the bottom, with a soil that is 1/2 perlite and 1/2 coarse sand. Moisten it well.

2.  Using a sharp clean scissors, cut a 2″-4″ piece of healthy stem from the base of your poinsettia plant. Be sure the stem has a few leaves at the top and a visible leaf node.

3. Dip the cut end of the stem in a little rooting hormone. Plant 1/3 of the stem in the soil and gently press the soil around the stem.

4. Cover the pot with clear plastic, using a skewer to create a little dome. Place the pot in a warm area (at least 65 degrees) that gets indirect light. Keep the soil moist but not soggy.

5. Check for roots in a few weeks by gently tugging on the plant to see is the new roots are holding the poinsettia cutting to the soil.

6. Two-three weeks after the Poinsettia cutting has rooted, remove the plastic and transplant the poinsettia cutting to a 6″ pot filled with a good potting soil. Place the new poinsettia plant in an area with very bright indirect light and high humidity. Water weekly when the top 1″-2″ of soil dries out.

Good Luck!