How do I Grow an Episcia Plant

I was just given a beautiful Episcia dianthiflora. I have NO idea how to care for it. Please help me save this beauty from immediate death!!!

Hi Rebecca,

White Episcia dianthiflora
Episcia dianthiflora

Episcia dianthiflora is also called a Lace flower vine because of its gorgeous flowers. The Episcia has never become as popular as its close relative the African Violet because they require more care. Here are a few  tips to help you grow this little beauty.

 Lace Flower Vines like very bright indirect light but no direct sun. They prefer moist but never soggy soil. African Violet soil is a good choice for an Episcia. Special African Violet plant fertilizer is great for Episcia Plants also. Average household temperatures are fine with nighttime temperatures being about 10-15 degrees cooler.  Episcia plants thrive and bloom in high humidity which makes them susceptible to Botritis, powdery mildew, and Erwinia Blight. Preventing these Episcia plant diseases is easier than treating them so try to provide good air circulation and avoid misting the leaves. Episcia Plants produce thread like runners or stolens that root in the surrounding soil. These runners develop small plantlets at their tips. Propagation is very easy using these plantlets.