Are My Plants Poisonous to Pets and Children

I know one plant name is croton but the other two I don’t know. What are they and are they poisonous to my dog?


Hi Ed,

All of the plants pictured below are considered poisonous to dogs, cats, and small children. The first plant is a dieffenbachia and is very poisonous; the second plant is a dracaena marginata tricolor and is slightly poisonous, and the third plant is a croton “gold dust” and is very poisonous.

A dieffenbachia and a croton contain calcium oxalates. Dogs, cats, and other pets that eat these plants may drool, vomit, have trouble breathing, or foam at the mouth. There are many common houseplants that should be kept away from dogs, cats, and children. Read more about these plants in Don’t Feed Me To Your Cat! A Guide to Poisonous Houseplants.