HousePlant Moisture Meters

Is there such a thing as a plant “stick” or “thermometer” something that you can stick into the soil to determine whether or not your plant is dry, sufficiently watered beyond the top part of the plant, or being over-watered?



There are plant moisture meters that you can insert in the soil. Moisture or water meters measure how much water there is in the soil of your plants and hopefully prevent you from over or under-watering. It’s important to remember that the soil of different plants require varying degrees of dryness before it’s time to water them. The soil of a succulent should be very dry before watering it, while the soil of a majesty palm should still be somewhat moist when you water it. The head or gauge of the meter usually has a numerical scale of 1-10 with 1 being most dry. Some may have also have color indicators. You can read more about moisture meters in the Glossary of the website.

Long probe Water Meter
Houseplant Water Meter