Houseplant identified as Haemanthus albiflos

I inherited this house plant but have no idea what it is. It grows quite rapidly and I frequently split it. The leaves are very fleshy.


Hi Phil,

Brush-like tiy white florets on Haemanthus albiflos
Haemanthus albiflos

Took some time but finally tracked your plant down. Your plant is called Haemanthus albiflos. Great looking plant! The upper half of the bulb is usually exposed and bright green. Since it produces a pair of leaves once a year and is evergreen, the plant may have up to three pairs of leaves. The leaves are up to 16 ” long, and may have a covering of short, soft hairs, and occasionally yellow spots on the upper surface. In late autumn and winter, brush-like flowers made up of  tiny white florets grow on sturdy stems.  The whole plant grows to about 8–12″ tall by 6″ wide.