Houseplant Identification: Sansevieria

Hi Judy! Can you tell me what kind of plant this is? Besides overgrown. I’m trying to figure out if its possible to reduce it in size. It apparently started out as a desk plant many years ago. It’s probably 5 feet tall now and out of control.

Hi Heather,

Green Pointed Sansevieria Plant
Sansevieria Plant
Snake plant

Your plant has a few names: Sansevieria, Snake plant, or Mother in Law’s Tongue. The best way to reduce the size is by Plant Division. Take the plant out and gently pull the root ball into sections, never use a knife to do this. Plant the sections in pots that are a few inches larger than the new root balls. Try to use the same soil mixture that was used for the original plant. There is not much you can do about the height of the plant since you can’t trim the tops of the thick succulent leaves.