HousePlant identification: Madagascar Jewel/Euphorbia leuconeura

Hi Judy. I hope that you can help me. I have a sick cat who this morning was diagnosed with something that could be caused by plant poisoning. The vet is trying to rule it out. I don’t know the name of this plant and could not find it easily on the web. Perhaps you know it’s name? It’s gorgeous, and I have never seen my cat around it, but I’d really like to be sure that it isn’t toxic. Might you know it’s name and it’s toxicity level? Thank you so very much for your help, in advance. Cindi

Hi Cindi,


It looks like a Madagascar Euphorbia (Euphorbia leuconeura). Hard to see, but I do think your plant has a square stem, right? Euphorbia leuconeura is a very, very poisonous houseplant and should be kept away from pets and children.