House plant that must be identified: Moses in the Cradle Plant

Hey, what a clever website you have here. I am so thankful to be able to have some qualified assistance regarding my houseplant identification crisis. I love house plants, I am 16 with 10 plants in my small bedroom. Gardening is a hobby of mine that I’m very eager to take with me into adulthood. I was getting new tires this morning when I came across this BEAUTIFUL plant and I immediately searched for a website that would help me identify it. Thanks!


Purple and green Tradescantia spathacea (Moses in the Cradke Plant)
Moses in the Cradle Plant
Tradescantia spathacea

It is great that you’re so into houseplants! The new one you like is called a Moses in the Cradle Plant (Tradescantia spathacea). It is a close relative of the Wandering Jew Plant. You can read my plant care tips on how to grow  a Tradescantia spathacea in the Popular HousePlant section of the website.