Holly Plants Poisonous to Kids and Pets

I have small children and pets. I want to decorate for Christmas with holly leaves and berries. Is it safe to have holly and berries around or could it hurt the little ones?

Hi Greta,

Holly plants and berries are extremely poisonous and should be kept away from small children and pets.

Red and green Holly Plant
Holly and Berries

The red berries are very attractive to children and pets. They can eat a few with mild consequences, but eating any more causes serious consequences. Eating 20 or more of these berries can even result in death if the child or pet is quite small. Every part of the plant is poisonous, including the bark, leaves, and seeds.The poison is theobromine and it is related to caffeine. Theobromine is also found in chocolate but at a much lower concentration. Try to find some safer plants like red kalanchoes, bromeliads, and even poinsettias.