Help! Need Recommendation for Flowering Plant

Hey Judy,
Need a recommendation for a flowering plant to get my wife for Mother’s Day. She loves plants, we have cats and kids, and she is really busy. Something pretty but doesn’t take much time or care. Appreciate your input.

Hi Marc,

I am really fond of Hoya Plants. They are succulents so all they really need is bright light and some water when you remember. They produce beautiful blooms that are so perfect looking they almost look like plastic flowers. Hoya Plants look good hanging (out of the way of kids and cats) and are non-poisonous plants just in case someone does munch a few leaves. There are so many different varieties but one of my favorite is the Hoya Calycina. It has a beautiful fragrant flower and blooms for quite a long time.

White and purple Hoya Calycina
Hoya Calycina