Help! Identify my Mystery Plant

I need help to identify this houseplant- received it as a gift and not much instruction- the family had it for many years and moved across country so now it’s mine…. Need to know what type so I can figure it how often to water it and if it likes sunlight or not- I tend to kill plants be used I forget to water them but I really like this one and really really want it to service!! And thrive !

Hi Zhanna,


Your plant is called a Lipstick Plant because it gets red/orange flowers that resemble a small tube of red lipstick. Here’s a picture of a lipstick plant in bloom.

Orange lipstick Plant flowers
Lipstick Plant Flowers

Lipstick Plants like bright indirect light but no direct sun and warm temperatures of 75-80 degrees. Allow at least 25%  of the soil to dry out before watering the plant. The leaves will get soft and a little wrinkly when it really needs water. You can read more about lipstick plants in the Popular HousePlant section of the website.

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