Hanging Orchid Plants-How to Grow Care

Could you recommend the best type of orchid for a hanging basket?

Hi Ramona,

I really think the colorful, fragrant Vanda Orchid is the best orchid for hanging baskets. Their exposed roots make the plant even more interesting to look at. In nature Vanda Orchids use these roots to attach to trees. Vanda orchid roots love being in the open air which makes hanging them in slotted planters or wire baskets ideal.  The roots will attach themselves to the basket or hang through whatever holes are available. You can use large pieces of bark to stabilize the plant until the roots have developed.

Vanda orchids like brighter light than most other orchids so they dry out faster. I mist the roots that are hanging out every morning. They also need at least 60% humidity and very good air circulation. These plants like warm temperatures aboce 65 degrees.

Vandas need quite a bit of plant food. During the growing season, fertilize weekly, weakly with a liquid orchid plant food.

You’re going to love these orchids!

Purple hanging Vanda Orchid
Vanda Orchid
Exposed roots on deep pink Vanda Orchid plant
Hanging Vanda orchid Plant