Growing a Jade Plant Outside

Can I move My Jade Plant outdoors for the summer? What would be the pro’s and con’s of doing this? What should I do when I bring it in after the summer? I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada.


You can move your Jade plant outside for the summer, but do not put it in the direct sun or the leaves will burn. It will probably need water move often than when it was indoors. Keep a Jade Plant in an area that never goes below freezing or above 90 degrees. Cooler temperatures help a Jade Plant bloom. Before bring your Jade Plant indoors check for grasshoppers and other insects. Spray the plant with the Green Solution (read the recipe in the Glossary of the website) to get rid of any insects too small to easily see.

Thick green Jade Plant
Jade Plant
Bright pink and white Jade Plant flowers
Jade Plant in Bloom

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