Green and Purple Houseplant Tree?

A friend of mine gave me a floor plant. It looks like a palm, with big flat leaves, dark green with pink edges and stalks. The trunk is long and skinny. Do you know what it is and how do I care for it?

Hi Laura,

green and lavendar Cordyline Ti Plant
Cordyline Ti Plant


Your plant is a type of Cordyline, also called a Ti Plant or a Hawaiian Good Luck Plant. There are many similarities between Hawaiian Good Luck Plants and Dracaenas. The major difference is that Dracaenas are easy care plants while Ti Plants require quite a bit of extra care. A Ti Plant is not a good choice for someone new to caring for houseplants. Proper watering is the most difficult part of taking care of your Ti Plant. The soil needs to be moist but never soggy and should never totally dry out. Use bottled water if your regular water contains fluoride, chlorine, or passes through a water softener since chemicals damage the leaves of a Ti Plant. Fluoride toxicity is especially harmful, causing brown leaf tips. You can read more care tips for this plant in the Popular Houseplant section of the website