Flowering Schefflera Losing leaves

I’ve had 2 of these plants for nearly 20 yrs and I am unsure what they are called. Also in the he last couple months one of the plants has dropped 50% of it’s leaves and it has produced a flower like on the top of the plant. Could you help ID and resolve my plant dilemma?

Hi Greg,

White flower branches on Schefflera Plant
Flowering Schefflera plant

Your plant is called a Hawaiian Schefflera. These plants usually bloom only when they are planted outdoors so you must be taking great care of them. The problem with them flowering indoors is that the plant thinks it is going through its usual outdoor life cycle. That’s why it’s losing leaves. I think new leaves will start to develop once the flower dies or sooner if you cut the flower off. You can read more about how to grow and care for a hawaiian Schefflera in the Popular HousePlant section of the website.