Easy houseplant gifts for busy Mom

Hi Judy, My wife loves plants but works & we have 2 young kids. I want to buy her a plant for Valentine’s Day. Can you recommend a houseplant that won’t die if she can’t give it a whole lot of attention and is safe to have around the kids. TY!! Bill

Hi Bill,

There are a couple of houseplants I can recommend that I think would be perfect for your busy wife. The first is a Hoya Hindu Rope Plant. It is a non-poisonous succulent plant that produces beautiful clusters of star-shaped waxy flowers. Hoya Plants thrive on neglect as long as they get lots of bright indirect light.

Pink flowereed Hoya Hindu Rope Plant
Hoya Hindu Rope Plant

My second recommendation would be a Lipstick Plant. Lipstick Plants are very easy indoor flowering houseplants. When given the right amount of light and not too much water, Lipstick Plants produce numerous red or orange small tubular flowers throughout the year. Lipstick Plants are also non-poisonous houseplants.

Orange flowers on Lipstick Plant
Lipstick Plant

You can read more about both plants in the Popular Houseplant section of the website.