Easy Care Houseplant Trees

Judy, I want to get my husband a big tree for his new office. Can you suggest something that doesn’t need much care, doesn’t make a mess (no ficus tree), and might have to get moved around as they get more furniture and employees. Oh & hopefully not too expensive.

Hi Amy,

I think the best plants for offices are dracaenas. They thrive on neglect, are very upright so they can fit almost anywhere, do not shed leaves like ficus trees, and some can even survive in very low light. Compared to many large, hardy indoor plants, like a kentia Palm, they are relatively inexpensive. Here are some suggestion, you can read more about each of these plants in the Popular HousePlant section of the website.


Often mistaken for a palm, dracaena marginata is a perfect houseplant tree for narrow spaces
Dracaena marginata
Dark green Dracaena Janet Craig
Dracaena Janet Craig (best for low light conditions)
Yellow stripe on green leaves of Dracaena Corn Plants
Corn Plant Dracaena