Can you tell me what this tree is called

Have this tree in big pot . It is now app 5 ft tall . Not sure what to do with it when it gets to my ceiling. Cut it , re plant it OR what
Love it!

Hi Hal,


From what I can see of the plant it looks like a Dracaena marginata, similar to the picture below.

Thin green leaves on Dracaena marginata tree
Dracaena marginata

When the canes of a Dracaena Marginata HousePlant become too tall, cut the cane back several feet to where you would like to encourage new growth. I know this is hard because you are left with a bare stalk. Several new stems eventually emerge below the cut and your Dracaena Marginata Houseplant will look even better. Do one stalk at a time; once the first stem starts to produce new growth you can move on to the next. You can read more about a Dracaena marginata in the Popular Houseplant section of the website.