Can you identify these houseplants?

I was wondering what these houseplants might be. The plants have a purple tint to them.



The picture is very dark, but I think they are Waffle Plants which are named for their puckered leaves. Here’s a brighter picture of what Waffle House Plants in containers look like. Does this picture resemble your houseplants?

Waffle Plant

Here are a few care tips for Waffle HousePlants.

Provide Waffle Houseplants with bright indirect light but no direct sun. Direct sun fades and burns the leaves of Waffle Plants.

Keep the soil of Waffle Plants evenly moist but never soggy. Do not allow the Waffle Plants to sit in water.

Provide as much humidity as possible for a Waffle Plant.

Fertilize your Waffle HousePlants once a month in the spring and summer when the plant is actively growing with a 5-10-5  fertilizer.

Pinch the tips of Waffle Plants to keep them full and compact.