Can I Use Cut Poinsettia Flowers in Arrangements?

Can I make a flower arrangement using poinsettia flowers I cut off of my Poinsettia Plant?? Thanks, Susan

Hi Susan,

You can certainly use cut poinsettia flowers from your poinsettia plants in cut flower arrangements. There are various theories as to the best way to do it. The desired result is the same: stop the flow of latex sap that seeps out of the cut end of the stem. Here are two suggested methods of treating the flowers so they do well in a cut flower arrangement.

1. Sear the cut ends of the poinsettia stems with a candle

2. Immediately place the cut ends of the poinsettia stems in a bucket of hot water and re-cut the stems while they are in the water. Leave them in the hot water for a few minutes until the latex stops seeping out the cut end then move them to a vase of clean water.

Sap from a isn’t poisonous but it may irritate your skin so always wear gloves when working with cut poinsettia stems.

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