What type is this, how should it be watered, and potted? IT is a very small plant the stalk is only 2″ in diameter.



Hi Joy,


Your plant is a Bromeliad vriesie in bloom.

Bromeliad plants are very adaptable, and there is a variety for every light condition. If your bromeliad has thin green leaves it can survive in low light. If it t has thick gray leaves, it needs medium light. The flowers (colorful “bracts”) of a bromeliad plant fade quickly and the leaves turn pale green if it’s placed in very bright light. Bromeliad plants are drought resistant succulents that like dry soil. These houseplants have very small roots and over-watering is the number one reason bromeliads die. Some have “tanks” that like being filled with water; others have fine hairs on their leaves that enjoy being misted.

There are complete care instructions for bromeliads in the Popular HousePlant section of the website. The picture may be of a different bromeliad variety, but the care is the same.