Best Orchid for Low Light Area

I love orchids but the light in my apartment is not great. In your opinion which would be the best type of orchid to get? Thank you for your time.

Hi Toni,

Burgundy colored Slipper Orchid
Slipper Orchid Paphiopedilum maudiae-coloratum

I think Paphiopedilums are the best low light orchids. These orchids are often called “slipper orchids” because of their interesting pouch. Some refer to them as “paph” orchids. They grow well in an east window or in a west or south window if there are curtains. If your slipper orchid is getting too much light the leaves get a reddish tinge on the edges of the leaves. If your Slipper Orchid does not bloom or the leaves are a very dark green, the plant needs more light.

Slipper orchids need to be watered more often than other orchids because they have no pseudobulbs to store water, but be careful not to over water and cause root rot. When you do water, water well and allow all of the excess water to drain out so that the plant never sits in water. Do not use water that has passed through a softener (too salty) or distilled water. Avoid getting water on the leaves.
Paphs like 75-85º F during the day and 60-65F at night.

Weakly, weakly is the phrase used to feed orchids. Use a well balanced orchid fertilizer diluted to ¼ the recommended strength every week. Once a month use clear water and flush out any salts or other chemicals that may have built up in the soil.
Provide good air circulations around the plant.