Are Kalanchoe Plants Poisonous to Pets?

Hi Bobbie,

Kalanchoe Plants are Poisonous Houseplants. This plant is in a group of several plants that contain naturally-occurring poisons that affect the heart. The toxins in Kalanchoe plants are similar to digitalis or digoxin, a common heart medication used for pets and people. The severity of the poisoning depends upon the amount eaten, the size of the person or animal that ingests it, and the specific kalanchoe plant variety. Even the water in a vase of kalanchoes is poisonous. Sign of poisoning include: drooling, vomiting, nausea, abnormal heart rate. These plants are especially dangerous for dogs & cats, but I would keep them away from small children also.

Orange kalanchoe plant
Kalanchoe Plant


Kalanchoe Pink Butterfly

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