Aralia Plant Losing Leaves

I have had my balfore aralia for a few years and it has grown beautifully. Suddenly a few months ago, the new leaves at the top sprouted then died and fell off. Then one of the mature leaves fell off. I over watered it… So I removed it from it’s pot and checked the roots for rot. Saw none; rinsed roots off and replanted in an appropriate soil. It has been one week and now all leaves are starting to turn yellow and many have dropped. Is it in shock? How can I save it?

Hi Jacklyn,

I do think your aralia is in shock, which happens very easily to these plants. Put the plant in bright indirect light if possible. Keep the soil fairly dry. When you do water (soil has dried out) add a product called SuperThrive to the water. You can read all about this product in the Glossary of the website. It does wonders for plants that are not doing well. It works best when the soil is dry. If the plant gets bare stems you may have to cut it back a bit.