How to Care for a Christmas Cactus After It Flowers

Could you tell what to do with my Christmas Cactus after it stops flowering. Thank you, Susan

Hi Susan,

Dark pink flowering Chrstmas cactus
Flowering Christmas Cactus

After your Christmas Cactus has finished blooming follow these simple tips to help it grow and bloom even more next year.

    1. Keep the soil very dry for about a month after it stops blooming
    2. Also after about a month, it’s time to prune a Christmas Cactus. This helps the plant produce new growth in the spring. Never prune a Christmas Cactus after May.
    3. Pruning a Christmas Cactus is really easy. Just twist or cut one or several of the segments off the ends of each of the stems.
    4. If you want to start new plants from the stems you cut off, use a three jointed segment from a healthy stem. Allow the stem cuttings to dry out for a few hours before planting them; plant 2 or 3 in a small 3” pot with drip holes in the bottom. As they grow during the year, these little plants will make great Christmas presents for next year or you can donate them to a local nursing home. Water sparingly to prevent root rot.
    5. Feed your original Christmas Cactus Plant every two weeks in the spring and summer with a liquid indoor plant food at 1/2 the recommended strength. Never feed a Christmas Cactus Plant after October 1st.
    6. Repot every 2-3 years in the spring when the roots have filled the existing pot. Use just the next size pot, Christmas Cactus produce more flowers when they are a little root-b